A – Z of Marriage

A – Ask questions when in doubt.

B – Believe in your spouse and encourage him or her.

C – Carry him or her along in the family matters.

D – Desist from anger. It’s one of the devil’s weapons.

E – Examine your marriage regularly in the light of God’s word.

F – Free your mind of negative thoughts. Think well and pure of your spouse.

G – Go to the park, restaurant, retreat and the like together regularly to enjoy each other. Surprise gift is also a great love booster.

H – Heaven on earth is God’s will for your marriage. Family altar strengthens unity.

I – In-laws are part of your bigger family. Every seed of honour or dishonour you sow will be repaid to you. Do good and love them.

J – Jesus Christ is the perfect home-builder. Invite Him into your marriage and family.

K – Keep third party away except for productive counselling.

L – Love, submission and respect are great lubricants in marriage. Fulfill your responsibility and enjoy the results.

M – Manage your resources with contentment. It’s a great gain.

N – No two people are the same. You are from different backgrounds but tolerance and understanding will bridge the gap.

O – Open your hearts to each other in order to avoid secret sins, unforgiveness and strangers.

P – Pray and pray through. Pray and plan together and pray for your children.

Q – Quit sinning. Sin is a reproach and can drown your marriage. Give your life to Jesus Christ, the loving Saviour.

R – Romance, sex, affection and intimacy are great love enhancers. Enjoy and satisfy each other.

S – Suspicion is a killer of relationship. Sometimes, what you hear about him or her is not the truth. Beware of enemies of your marriage.

T – Time waits for no one. Plan, prepare, build, preach, pursue and fulfil your goals and ministry together.

U – Unique? Your spouse is unique and don’t compare him or her to anybody. Comparison is a killer of joy.

V – Violating your marital bed is a terrible sin before God. Flee adultery! It destroys the family.

W – With God on your side, victory unto victory is your portion. Trust in God and He will deliver you from all the challenges in your marriage.

X – Xtra grace of God is available. There are conflicts in marriage and forgiveness is the remedy. God keeps forgiving you and you should keep forgiving your spouse and children.

Y – Your spouse isn’t a servant. Do the household chores and take care of the children together. You are one!

Z – Zechariah chapter 2 verse 8 says, “For thus saith the Lord of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.”

This is how your marriage is before God. God is jealous and whoever wants to tamper with it will face the wrath of God in Jesus name.

Your marriage is blessed in the name of Jesus.

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