A few years ago,while I was waiting on the Lord and asking Him to bless me with my own wife in whom I will be well pleased! I saw in a vision the face of a beautiful fair damsel.
I knew she was beautiful and fair because her skin was glowing, her nose was pointed and her lips were perfectly shaped.
Her beauty was so compelling and undeniable from the much I could see.

I became restless in the spirit as I tried to make sense of what this meant.

As my restless state deepened ,I started to flip through the pages of ‘The Songs of Solomon’ with the image of the beautiful damsel still fixed on my mind.

Then in an instant, a love mandate started to resonate in my mind and I wrote it down thus:
“I have a divine mandate to love and care for you all the days of your life and make you the most joyful woman upon the face of the earth”

Years later, she showed up and l recognised her and she recognised me also because God had spoken to her while she was praying for her heavenly ordained husband that she will meet me before the end of December,2013 and to the glory of God we met on the 26th of December,2013.
Her sweet and angelic voice took me straight to heaven and back to the earth.
We sang this victory song together that day and God has made us to enjoy marital bliss since then.

I unveiled my MANILOVETOS to her on the spot and by the 24th of May,2014 we were joined together as husband and wife and since that day God’s extra special mercy, great grace and high favour has moved us from glory to excellent glory.

God has made her the apple of my eyes, my garden fountain, my well of flowing water, a smile I wear and a crown on my head.
She has indeed captured my heart till eternity !
My lovely wife is the sweetest and the most anointed help meet I have ever seen.She is my best friend and my life.

By the great grace of God, our marriage has been hitch free and will forever be so till eternity in the name of Jesus.
We are supremely blessed and highly favoured of the Lord because He has helped us marvelously in all areas of our lives,marriage, family,career,and ministry.
Our blessings from the Lord are overwhelming and we are still counting.

This Heavenly ordained marriage is blessed with two wonderful Kings (King Jewel and King Jesse) to the glory of God.
God has used this divinely ordained marriage to build stronger marriages and families by restoring love,joy and peace to the glory of His name.

Join our family to praise God and celebrate perfect love, friendship and togetherness.
We give all glory to God Almighty.


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