Family Life Conference 2021

💞Dear intended couple,newlyweds and married,

Do you know that 20% of all failed marriages fail during the first 5 years after the wedding?

This phenomenon makes surviving the first 5 years of marriage very critical.

Several reasons have been identified for this occurrence but a lack of adequate preparation for marriage is the chief culprit among them all.

Parents invest 12 years and above to prepare their children for school…

4 years+ in the higher institution to prepare them for a career…

And the employers provide further training for a job that the child will do for a third of the child’s life.

However, parents invest zero time and money to prepare the child for marriage and family life that the child will live for two-third of his or her life.

No wonder we have career men and women but zero trained wives and husbands.

Apart from a lack of preparation for marriage, newlyweds start marriage with unrealistic expectations and unaware that marriage is hard work.

They do not know that love is not enough to sustain long term relationships.

This combination of lack of marriage education and unrealistic expectations often hit newlyweds like lightning and before they know it, their differences have become irreconcilable.

Many end it here and many survive to do so with deep scars.

What happens during the first 5 years does not stay in the first five years, but has consequences over the life of the union.

This is the main reason we are inviting you to be part of the FAMILY LIFE CONFERENCE 2021.

This FAMILY LIFE CONFERENCE will open your eyes to the following:
📌Myths about marriage,
📌Examining unrealistic and unhealthy expectations,
📌Walking you through the stages of the marriage relationship,
📌Offer tools for couples negotiation and marriage enrichment,
📌Examining the influence of the family of origins and
📌 Offer tool for adjusting to the avalanche of changes that happen during the first few years of marriage.

Interested participants are advised to use the link below to join The Marriage Fellowship Official WhatsApp Group for the conference .

‎🤝TOUCH this link to join The Marriage Fellowship Official Whatsapp Group For The Family Life Conference 2021👇👇👇:

We love and celebrate you,
You’re simply the best!



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