Hello Friends and Family,

I am Pastor Tunde Crown Adejumo,

Your No.1 Relationship,Marriage and Family Life pastor in the world.

I have a goodnews for you today…You have a 100% chance of good success in your Relationship,Marriage and Family life.

There is hope for your Relationship,Marriage and Family no matter how scattered,battered or shattered it is now; It will not end in separation or divorce.
Our commitment in The Marriage Fellowship is to see your Relationship,Marriage and Family working and built into a happy home.

On Wednesday 2nd December,2015,I was in my office at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport(MMIA),Ikeja,
Lagos State when I heard the voice of God say to me:”BUILD FOR ME STRONG MARRIAGES AND FAMILIES ALL OVER THE WORLD”.
I called my lovely wife immediately to discuss the vision with her,and on Wednesday 12th October,2016,This global ministry(The Marriage Fellowship) was inaugurated and became a reality on the earth to the glory of God and the blessing of humanity.

God didn’t only commission me for this global assignment,He also gave me the message to accomplish it.
🍹Through wisdom is an house builded;and by understanding it is established:
And by knowledge shall the chamber’s be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.(Proverbs 24:3-4).

Since that day,with the support of my lovely wife and help meet,I have been doing exactly what He asked me to do.
I have kept to my calling with my eyes fixed on the goal “TO BUILD STRONGER MARRIAGES AND FAMILIES ACROSS THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH”.
I am a man on a global commission. No devil can confuse or distract me.
I am a man on a mission to restore Love,Joy and Peace into marriages and families through the wisdom of God and the Spirit of God.
God’s anointing and wisdom confirms it daily.
God’s hand is heavy on me because He sent me.
God works by my hands to do things that baffles me .
He gets things done around me that amaze me and make me breakdown in tears.

I am a messenger of God sent to this generation with a seven(7) fold mandate:
1. To make marriages heaven on earth.
2. To impart the love life into marriages.
3. To put brighter light into marriages.
4. To Provoke people’s love and care potential.
5. To enlarge people’s mental capacity for marital excellence.
6. To position marriages effectively in the covenant.
7. To release people into marital bliss.

I am sent,anointed and commissioned by God with the word of wisdom to restore Love,Joy and Peace into marriages and families across the nations of the earth.

To this end was l born and for this cause came l into the world that l Should build Stronger marriages and families across the nations of the earth as l make known to the world the mighty acts of God and the glorious majesty of His Kingdom by unveiling to all families of the earth the wisdom of the opened Book(The Bible).

I must be about my Father’s business to bring over one billion families unto glory in my life time.
This is my first priority for living.

I love and celebrate you,
See you at the topmost top,
You’re simply the best.

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