💞Dear Singles,

I beg you with anything you hold dear, have nothing to do with a married man or woman.
No matter what you are benefiting from them, have nothing to do with them for the sake of your own marital destiny.

Going out with a married man, dating a married woman, is a dead end, a fruitless and unproductive journey. It’s a journey you will later regret eventually.

Don’t be a reason a man cheats on his wife, don’t be the reason a woman cheats on her husband. Don’t be the reason a marriage breaks up.

There is an unbreakable principle that says that whatever a man sows, that is what he’s going to reap. If you don’t want your future marriage to have problems, if you don’t want others to intrude into your marriage, have nothing to do with married people.

Granted, it’s very enticing but you must overcome that.

Don’t have any affair with them, emotionally, physically and otherwise. When a married man compliments you as a lady, push the compliment to his wife, always remind him that he’s married, same with you as a guy.
Cut off from them and preserve your martial destiny.

Your marriage is what you make of it now. You can’t break other people’s marriage and hope to enjoy your own marriage in the future.

Your marriage will happen in a grand style in the name of Jesus.

I love and celebrate you,
See you at the topmost top,
You’re simply the best.


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