Re-Appraising the Vision Of The Marriage Fellowship To Build Stronger Marriages And Families Across The Nations Of The Earth

As a ministry, we have a God given vision, which gives us direction, makes us peculiar, and locates us in God’s divine plan for the world.
The vision is clear, definite, and it’s what has set us on the path, which we currently follow; informing the things we do, and the way we do them.
It is very important we appraise our vision, because if you don’t know why you are on a journey, you may not wish to continue; and if you don’t know where you’re going, you wouldn’t know how to get there. Like I mentioned earlier, our vision is very definite; God gave us the mandate to BUILD STRONGER MARRIAGES AND FAMILIES ACROSS THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH.
This is our vision as a ministry.

A global vision…
You will already notice that the vision is a global one.
A man can be sent to an individual, and the moment he reaches that individual, he has fulfilled his vision.
Another could be sent to a group of people, or a town, city, or even a nation.
We have been sent to the whole world!
A glorious high throne from the beginning is the place of our sanctuary (Jeremiah 17:12)
We are given a global mandate; the whole earth is our sanctuary according to the mandate.
God has given to us the mandate to reach out to all families in all nations of the earth
This explains our emphasis and endeavours; strategies and structures, which are expressed through our ministry roadmap plan, through God’s wisdom, to ensure we carry out our vision.
It also explains why we have the kind of phenomenal results we experience in restoring Love, Joy and Peace to marriages and families both online and offline, because the grace of God is working mightily upon us, as we focus on our vision.

Exceed your perceived abilities and resources
as one called into this ministry, it is important you function with a global perspective as members of this ministry.
See the vision beyond your locality and abilities. See the vision beyond the perceived ‘available’ resources at the moment.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, always look beyond the size of of this ministry anytime you think of The Marriage Fellowship.
You are part of something bigger than you can ever imagine; a global vision which you have been called to fulfill right from where you are on earth.
From today, if you are required to do anything as a member of this ministry whether online or offline, don’t consider what is physically available, or mentally measure your current ability; set targets to do it from a global perspective.
Don’t create a limit in your mind; many people limit their abilities this way. Some others who are given small targets could stick to it saying, ‘I’ll do only what I’ve been told to do’. No! Don’t reduce your size mentally; instead ask yourself, ‘how big is God?’ Someone said, if you want to do big things, look at how big God is, not how small you are.
As you function like this, you are aligning yourself to the vision, and positioning yourself to succeed in it, all the way.

We cannot succeed alone,
We need God as our source and helper,
And we need people like you to support this ministry in prayers in building stronger marriages and families across the nations of the earth to the glory of God and the blessing of humanity.

Our greatest heart desire is to “FINISH WELL AND ENTER INTO THE JOY OF THE LORD”
This is all we want to hear from our creator :
“Well done,Thou good and faithful servant:enter thou into the joy of thy Lord”(Mathew 25:21).

A glorious high throne from the beginning is the place of our sanctuary.(Jeremiah 17:12)

Pst.Tunde Crown Adejumo,
President and Founder,
The Marriage Fellowship.

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