“And after this we looked, and behold, a door was opened in heaven :and the first voice which we heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with us;which said, come up hither,and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.”{Revelation 4:1}.

Dearly Beloved, Come up higher with us to the mountain top as we show you what we have seen concerning THE MARRIAGE FELLOWSHIP.

👑We see a marriage fellowship that shall be vibrant, dynamic and made up of wholesome families all over the world pulsating with the life of God and manifesting the very glory of God and the beauty of His love.

👑We see a marriage fellowship that shall be mighty and flowing in the power of the Holy Spirit ;it is a fellowship that shall carry the life of God wherever it is located across the nations of the world.

👑We see a marriage fellowship that is numerically very large and spiritually very deep beyond human imagination. It is a fellowship where our gatherings shall always be attended by innumerable company of angels. It is a fellowship that will never lose it’s depth because of it’s largeness. It shall be a fellowship where the members worldwide shall be accountable to God and to one another in true love and unity,where every family will enjoy a deep and refreshing encounter with God at every meeting.

👑We see a marriage fellowship that shall be the bride of Christ, the Lambs wife-having no spot or wrinkle. It is a fellowship that shall be committed to family holiness.

👑We see a marriage fellowship enveloped with the supernatural moving in all the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is a fellowship where miracles, signs and wonders shall be an everyday experience. It is a fellowship where revival,renewal and reformation shall be permanent on the agenda.

👑We see a marriage fellowship that is relevant and practical in it’s outreach to families all over the world. We see a marriage fellowship that is answering the questions of singles and married couples .We see a marriage fellowship where needs are met,where broken hearts are mended,and hurts are healed.

👑We see a marriage fellowship where ordinary lives are challenged,equipped, enabled and released to live extraordinary lives.It is a fellowship where everyone shall be encouraged to discover their purpose in life,develop their gifts, talents and fulfill their personal ministry.

👑We see a marriage fellowship that shall transform the marriages of billions of couples all over the world.We see a marriage fellowship where souls shall be saved by their millions everyday, where the broken hearted and lonely shall find new hope and acceptance. It is a fellowship where the down trodden shall be lifted up, the marginalized and the weary shall be refreshed.

👑We see a marriage fellowship that will have “THE MARRIAGE FELLOWSHIP WORLD OUTREACH CENTER” in every nation of the earth. These Centers shall be established in every village, town and city on the face of the earth.The marriage fellowship shall never lose any member to accident, sickness or attack of any kind.Our members shall live out their appointed years on earth in good health, sound mind and productivity reflecting Heaven here on earth.

👑We see a marriage fellowship whose number one priority is to glorify God and show His love to a lost and dying world.

This is the global marriage fellowship we see.
This fellowship is locked up inside and within us.And we will pay the price ;we will travail as Zion and bring forth this glorious fellowship of hope to every family on earth.
This fellowship will soon be a reality in all nations of the earth.
So let this glorious marriage fellowship emerge through you to bless marriages and families across the nations of the earth-let her come forth;let her arise in the earth,strong and mighty.
Let this global marriage fellowship step out of the mind of God into the families and nation’s of the earth.
Let The Marriage Fellowship jump out of the pages of the Bible and become a physical reality in your time.


We love and celebrate you always.
See you at the topmost top.
God bless you.

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